Great news! Christmas Village, kindling LOVE Park with the joy of holiday season, returns on November 18 until December 24, 2023. Vendors will set up shop in wooden huts to sell a wide variety of holiday gifts, ornaments, jewelry and high-quality arts and crafts.

Did you know?  In its third-year cycle, the Department of Commerce administered a grant program in partnership with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation to fund neighborhood organizations that select and help local BIPOC vendors sell at Christmas Village. 

Helping vendors during the holiday season

These organizations provide the vendors with everything they need to set up for sales, from furnishings to scheduling, language access, weekly inventory process and more. This type of local assistance allows them to have more capacity for thousands of successful holiday shopping interactions every day. 

The selected organizations are:

  • Esperanza.
  • The Welcoming Center.
  • Lancaster Avenue 21st (LA21) Century Business Association.

Shop small at Christmas Village

The City is proud to support local, diverse vendors who, for many, have the opportunity to vend at Christmas Village for the first time. These grants help open doors for vendors to expand their reach and retain customers. In turn, we are continuously growing the economy and increasing access to economic opportunities. These vendors, recruited by each organization, will be offering crafts globally inspired and locally made at Christmas Village. They would rotate as listed below on a weekly basis until December 24, 2023 in wooden huts within LOVE Park.

Esperanza presents the following vendors:

  • Arts by Sir by Shawnick Rodriguez
  • Amy’s Pastelillos by Amaryllis Nassar
  • Latin Fashion by Patricia Arcila
  • Tres Fiori by Daniela Malave
  • Café Tinto by Giselle Poveda
  • Association of Mexican Business Owners of Philadelphia
    • Taqueria Morales by Felipa Ventura and 
    • Los Cuatro Soles by Karina

The Welcoming Center presents the following vendors:

  • Ana Maria Ramirez
  • Flor Spa Moments at Home by Mildred Cano
  • Yaku Wear by Silvia Roldan
  • Pieces de mi Alma by Tania Greene
  • Tenangos Philly by Tania Leon
  • Moonlight Arte by Yodivelys Gonzalez
  • Pupuseria y Artesania Leticia by Zulma Guzman
  • Artesanias Mundo de Queen by Reyna Navarro
  • Maxi Little Shop by Maximina Alvarado
  • Our Hope by Whitney Banawa
  • Mochibay bags by Luis Lozano

LA21 presents the following vendors:

  • ByZakia by Zakia Ringgold
  • 4Tees Custom Designs by Tameeka Stevens
  • Intuitive Crystal Healler LLC by Fiona Mccoy
  • JayCees Body and Soul Creations by Judith Collins
  • LadyKR Crochet by Khadijah Ramadan
  • Natural Body Essential Shop by LaToya Johnson

Philadelphia is filled with diverse vendors from all over the world who make handmade craft items with intentionality, passion, creativity and care. For many, it is an expression of home, culture and belonging. Each customer, when purchasing from vendors, are supporting a livelihood and those of their loved ones. This type of community care is one that we encourage Philadelphians to continue supporting this holiday season, and all year.

Hashtag #ShopPHL on social media when you visit vendors at Christmas Village!