The Streets Department is providing traffic improvements for school students with the installation of permanent asphalt speed cushions around 50 public, private and charter schools.

In March, Councilmember Phillips introduced the Student Safety Pedestrian Bill which authorizes the Streets Department to expedite the process for installing traffic calming measures on streets in the vicinity of schools and recreation centers.

The bill allows the Streets Department to install permanent speed cushions in designated areas without requiring a traffic study, which is normally a required process. As students travel to and from school, it is more important than ever to work to help mitigate any occurrences that allow for excessive speeding, particularly in our residential neighborhoods.

vehicle going over a speed cushion
Vehicle slowing down as it travels over speed cushions.

Installation of speed cushions supports the School Crossing Program as Crossing Guards help students, their families and caregivers, and staff travel safely to and from school every day.

Speed Cushion Press Conference
The Streets Department commemorates the installation of permanent speed cushions around 50 schools.

The Student Pedestrian Safety Bill provides legislation that allows the Streets Department to design and create safe streets, promote safe and reduced vehicular speeds, and provide sustainable traffic calming measures across the city. To accomplish this the Department is:

    • Using established crash data criteria and speed ratings
    • Cross referencing request lists from City Council, the High Injury Network, and schools
    • Overlaying the city’s paving list with speed cushion request lists allowing for speed cushions to be installed as part of the paving process

The Streets Department is currently planning for another round of schools to receive permanent speed cushions.  Installation of the traffic calming devices will be based on funding allocated and available resources.