On October 17, the Streets Department launched its 2023 Future Track Program with the largest cohort of trainees in the history of the program, 200 participants. The initiative seeks to engage at-risk young adults who are not enrolled in higher education and are unemployed in a six to twelve-month paid program to perform meaningful public service work.

During the first part of the program, the trainees will work in teams to clean and remove debris from neighborhood alleys to provide access for Street Lighting crews to repair and replace alley lights as part of the City’s Street Light Improvement Program.

Alleyway behind 6100 Reedland Street (before)

6100 Reedland Street (after)

alley cleanign

Alley behind 6100 Grays Avenue (before)

Future Track trainee

6100 Grays Avenue (after)

Participants will work in teams on neighborhood beautification projects with direction from the Streets Department.  Trainees who successfully complete the first part of the program will have an opportunity to apply for and be assigned to a specific occupational track performing either roadway maintenance, traffic investigations, construction inspection support or sanitation code compliance, based on interest and ability.  In this capacity, they learn and perform a specific occupational function which, upon successful completion of the occupational track, may lead to full time, City civil service employment.