PHILADELPHIA – Today, Mayor Jim Kenney and the Department of Commerce kicked off the City Services Access Training by celebrating the contributions of commercial corridor managers who work on-the-ground to support small businesses in key commercial areas. Funded by the Department of Commerce’s Targeted Corridor Management Program (TCMP), these individuals, hired by community-based organizations, help neighborhood businesses access programs, services and resources.The City Services Access Training is hosted annually by the Department of Commerce to equip these commercial corridor managers with information and resources. The Department of Commerce is joined by representatives from City departments, including Health, Licenses & Inspections, Streets, and Planning, to share information on various City processes when supporting small businesses. Photos from this morning available online here.

“From Torresdale Avenue to Woodland Avenue, commercial corridor managers help small businesses start, operate and grow in key commercial areas,” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “The City is grateful for their invaluable contributions especially over the past few years helping hundreds of businesses navigate emergency responses; commercial corridor managers being on the frontline to help our small businesses recover and recharge while extending access to resources and opportunities. We are also proud to equip these business assistance professionals with relationships and training on City processes that can help them better serve businesses every day. Alongside our economic development partners, we are committed to building a thriving economy that benefits all people who live, work and do business in Philadelphia.”

“The Department of Commerce funds and works in partnership with neighborhood organizations to connect businesses with as many resources as possible. Our Targeted Corridor Management Program (TCMP) is an investment in economic development partners to hire staff who help entrepreneurs thrive in key commercial areas,” said Anne Nadol, Commerce Director. “Many of these commercial areas are neighborhood based, pedestrian and transit oriented with a density of commercial spaces. TCMP complements the one-on-one assistance that our Office of Business Services’ multilingual business services managers provide. Together, we help entrepreneurs start, grow, and operate in Philadelphia with equitable economic opportunities.”

“Supporting business growth is about taking steps to lower barriers to entry and creating a level playing field so that entrepreneurs can succeed at the merit of their own work ethic, creativity and dedication toward their dreams. We help microenterprises reach economic opportunities, bridge access to capital and build capacity,” said Yvonne Boye, Deputy Commerce Director, Office of Neighborhood Economic Development. “That includes working closely with commercial corridor managers who are our eyes-and-ears in specific commercial areas helping us address the challenges and needs of low-to-moderate-income entrepreneurs. We are grateful for the vital work that these corridor managers do through our Targeted Corridor Management Program to support businesses that power our economy. The City Services Access Training is a stepping stone for learning, building relationships, training and exchanging resources.”

Funded organizations

The following organizations are funded by the Department of Commerces Targeted Corridor Management Program (TCMP) in Fiscal Year 2024 to hire commercial corridor managers who support small businesses in specific commercial areas.

  1. ACHIEVEability

  2. Allegheny West Foundation

  3. African Cultural Alliance of North America, Inc (ACANA)

  4. Frankford Community Development Corporation

  5. Fairmount Community Development Corporation

  6. Germantown United Community Development Corporation

  7. Greater Philadelphia Community Alliance 

  8. HACE Community Development Corporation

  9. Impact Services Community Development Corporation

  10. Lancaster Avenue 21st Century Business Association

  11. New Kensington Community Development Corporation

  12. North 5th Street Revitalization Project

  13. Nueva Esperanza Housing and Economic Development

  14. Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation (PCDC)

  15. Tacony Community Development Corporation

  16. The Enterprise Center Community Development Corporation

Primary responsibilities of TCMP Corridor Managers

The Department of Commerce’s Targeted Corridor Management Program (TCMP) supports commercial corridor managers to do the following work, supported by our Annual City Services Access Training and ongoing learning opportunities:

  • Provide direct assistance to small businesses.

  • Facilitate clean, safe, and welcoming business districts with partners.

  • Help neighborhood businesses access programs, services and resources.

  • Help coordinate affordable commercial spaces and real estate development projects.

  • Increase entrepreneurial opportunities and investment in areas where they serve.

  • Increase the availability of goods and services in low-and moderate-income areas.

  • Connect storefront owners and entrepreneurs to resources for business development. Promote sustainable neighborhood development and quality-of-life improvements.