Hey Philly! The Office of Children and Families is looking to expand its current team of Community School Coordinators at 5 high schools across the city. 

There are currently 20 City-designated Community Schools, serving nearly 13,000 students. Community Schools are supported by the Philadelphia Beverage Tax. 

The ideal candidate will:

  • Work with school staff, students, parents, and community stakeholders such as local businesses, nonprofit partners, and public agencies to build knowledge about, connections with, and support for community school models.
  • Work closely with the Community Schools Manager and existing Coordinator to perform school community asset mapping, find service providers, and troubleshoot challenges.
  • Engage families and school staff to better understand student needs and the reporting process.
  • Lead asset mapping process and conducts ongoing assessment, including resource inventory and gap analysis.
  • Assist with the needs assessment process by collecting data for community asset maps.
  • Develop and manage partnerships with local service providers.
  • Serves as an integral part of school-based leadership to support connecting students with appropriate service providers.
  • Track services and submits weekly plans and reports to be shared with School, Community, and City leaders for feedback and support.
  • Meet with the Community Schools Manager and current Coordinator on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to review weekly reports and create support systems to facilitate the delivery of quality services.
  • Convene and staff Community School Committee (or as appropriate supports the SAC), a coordinating body that is co-led by the principal and includes representatives from key stakeholder groups to provide monthly feedback and support based on student and community needs.
  • Works closely with Community Schools Manager and current Coordinator to develop and implement the shared Community School Work plan based on community needs and Community Schools logic model.
  • Builds positive relationships and trust with principals, teaching staff, students, service providers, community leaders, and other resource coordinators.

Primary Coordination and Support

  • Coordinates student needs assessment and provider selection.
  • Supports school administration in making data-driven program decisions.
  • Creates and develops a Community School Committee (e.g. parents, teachers, students, school administrators, local business leaders, and community members, etc.) with the purpose of collaborating, assessing needs and mapping the assets of the school community, and gathering input from community leaders during decision-making process.
  • Engages families and school staff to better understand student needs.
  • Collects and uses needs and service provider data throughout the implementation process and shares outcomes with community leaders.
  • Supports school administration in making data-driven program decisions based on student data.
  • Engages neighborhood associations, residents and community leaders in the community school planning and implementation process.
  • Facilitates regular partner meetings, including all groups and organizations who serve students and families.
  • Recruits, trains, and coordinates volunteers based on Community Schools guidelines.


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred, or a total of 10+ years working in the community in a social service setting (Preferably in education, or social work related)
  • 3+ years of experience in fields such as community organizing, education, health or social work, or researching the Community Schools model highly recommended (working in schools, city government, research institutions or service organizations).
  • Deep knowledge, understanding, and interest in school and community.
  • Ability to keep accurate records and prepare reports.
  • Knowledge of the public education system in Pennsylvania as well as the operation of community-based organizations and institutions of higher education is an asset.
  • Must be comfortable with the use of data to drive decisions.
  • Ability to help people process difficult situations.

Interested candidates must submit a cover letter and resume. This position will be assigned to one of five High School Community Schools (South Philadelphia, George Washington, Murrell Dobbins, Kensington Health Science, and Frankford).  

The Coordinator will work in close partnership with the already assigned coordinator in each of these schools.  In your cover letter, please indicate what schools you would like to prioritize for your application and why you would be best suited for this school.

The full job description, as well as how to apply, is available here.

Community Schools are a partnership among the City of Philadelphia, the School District of Philadelphia, and school communities to remove barriers to learning and support the success of each student.

The long-term goal of Community Schools is to ensure that every student graduates college- and career-ready, and that communities are healthy, safe, hopeful, and supportive.

In each Community School, a Community School Coordinator supports strategic partnerships and programs that promote wellness, stability, and learning opportunities for students, families, and neighbors.