We’re thrilled to partner with the Mayor’s Internship Program this summer and welcome Alvie Grant as our intern.  

This summer, Alvie will support our Equitable Community Engagement Toolkit team, as we manage the beta launch of the Engagement Toolkit website 

We asked Alvie a few questions so you could get to know her better. Read on below!

Tell us your story.  

As a young woman who grew up in the inner city, I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded and embraced by a diverse set of cultures and beliefs. “People Make The World Go Round” isn’t just a song by The Stylistics, but a motto that I strive to live by. While my passions may vary, my intent is always with my communities. I’m a minimalist at heart but have an eccentric mind that fuels my ambition and values. Newly graduated and excited for what may come, every day my goal is to learn something new and pass it on! 


What values underpin your work and why?  

Education: It comes in many forms — through storytelling, books, and curiosity. Education for me will be a lifelong value, as I strive to gain wisdom from my communities, visual surroundings, and physical experiences. The knowledge gained in one setting can be applied throughout the universe.  

Creativity: Art encompasses culture and individual expression. I love being able to tap into my creative side through the mediums that appeal to me. I also love seeing others in their creative spaces and seeing the work they make. It not only fuels my artistic side when I see others create, but creativity and art can make any space open and welcoming.  


Why are you interested in contributing to the Equitable Community Engagement Toolkit project? 

I’m interested in contributing my creativity and interpersonal skills to this project. Being able to be an aid and contribute to a tool that will not only benefit those around me, but also myself and other City practitioners, is an experience that I don’t take lightly and tackle with respect and awareness. I’m also motivated by what I can learn and how I can grow as an individual through this work. 


What’s your most favorite thing to do in your down time and why? 

I’m always looking for a new hobby to do! One of my after-grad goals is to get back into sculpting with clay. I love being able to use my hands and the process of making a sculpture from start to finish.