PHILADELPHIA—The Philadelphia Department of Public Health announces the appointment of Sara Enes as their new Chief of Staff. Ms. Enes has been with the Health Department since 2009 when she began as the Coordinator of the Patient Assistance Program (PAP), which enrolled uninsured patients into free medication programs offered by the pharmaceutical companies. She then became the Administrator for the Office of Medical Affairs before transitioning to becoming Assistant Director at Health Center #2 in South Philadelphia. She became the Director of Health Center #2 in 2015 and in November of 2020 also became the Director of Health Center #6 in North Philadelphia.

In addition to directing the operations of two large, multi-disciplinary public health care facilities delivering primary care services during a patient’s entire life span, Sara was involved in the planning and ultimate move of Health Center #2 into its current location in the South Philadelphia Community Health & Literacy Center.

Most recently, Sara was Acting Director of the Health department’s Division of Disease Control. In that capacity she worked with numerous disease control specialists to monitor trends in disease incidence in order to appropriately direct city-wide disease control and emergency preparedness programs and initiatives, including COVID-19, acute communicable diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, and tuberculosis.

Before receiving received a Bachelor and Master of Social Work from Temple University and an MBA, with a focus on healthcare from The George Washington University, Sara Enes grew up in a small town outside of Hartford, CT and chose Temple University because of its diversity and dynamic educational programs. While there, she fell in love with Philadelphia (and its sports teams) and has made the city her home.

In her new role as Chief of Staff, she is excited to work on initiatives laid out in the Strategic Plan, including achieving health equity and access to primary care for all Philadelphians as well as initiatives to ease administrative barriers and enhance teamwork across the Health Department’s divisions.

For more information on the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and its programs, please go to: Department of Public Health | Homepage | City of Philadelphia