The new year is in full swing, and so is the countdown to this year’s Real Estate Tax Installment Plan application deadline. You have until March 31 to apply and start paying your current-year bill in installments. 

Our Real Estate Tax Installment Plan program is helping hundreds of low-income and senior citizen homeowners stay on track with their property taxes. The program allows you to pay your property tax without interest or penalty in eleven installments throughout the year. New participants can pay their bills in eight installments in the first year. We are now accepting current-year applications. Make sure to submit yours before the March 31 deadline. 

Before you apply

Please be aware that this program is income or age-based:

  • If applying as a senior citizen, you must be at least 65 years old or have a spouse who lives in the same home who is at least 65 years old. All senior citizens are eligible for the program; seniors do not need to meet any income requirements.
  • For all other residents, please review the program’s family size and household income guidelines to see if you qualify as a low-income taxpayer.

Apply online

When you are all set, head to the Philadelphia Tax Center to apply for a current-year Installment Plan in just a few minutes. You can access the Philadelphia Tax Center from your cell phones and tablets. A username and password are not required to apply for Real Estate Tax assistance programs on this website. Learn more about the Philadelphia Tax Center in this guide

To apply by paper, please complete and return this current-year Installment Plan application. The paper application is also available in Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

After you apply

When your application is approved, you’ll receive an acceptance letter from the Department of Revenue, followed by monthly payment notices. We no longer send coupon books to participants. Taxpayers now receive monthly bills. 

When you make all required monthly payments, you are automatically enrolled in the Installment Plan for the following year. You never have to reapply unless there is a change to your property deed.