PHILADELPHIA — The City announced today the launch of a residential household survey on Verizon’s cable service as part of its franchise renewal process.

In 2024, the City ’s current 15-year cable television franchise agreement with Verizon will expire. A cable franchise enables the franchise holder to use the City’s “rights-of-way” for an agreed term of years to operate its system and deliver cable service. Last year, the City announced it had begun the cable franchise renewal process with Verizon, which includes the collection of community feedback.

Through the survey, the City’s Office of Innovation and Technology (OIT) is seeking community feedback on residents’ experiences with  services from Verizon to assist and inform OIT during the renewal negotiation period. The survey asks various questions designed to obtain information about residents’ cable related needs and interests.

“Philadelphia residents’ direct experience with Verizon’s cable video service is vital to informing decisions that will help shape the terms for the next franchise agreement with Verizon” said Mark Wheeler, Chief Information Officer. “The City wants to ensure that the renewed franchise agreement meets the cable-related services needs of Philadelphia.”

The residential household survey can be found online. In addition to completing the survey, residents can also continue to submit feedback at or via email to Residents can also provide comments by leaving a voicemail at 215-686-8125 or by mail to:

Cable Franchise Authority

Attn: Mark McLaughlin, Cable Television Administrator

City Hall, Room 726

Philadelphia, PA 19107