PHILADELPHIA — The City announced today updates to the Market Street repaving project from 20th to 23rd, one of the three complete street safety projects that began construction last October on Market Street, as part of a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) paving project. This project will create a new two-way separated bike lane that will connect to the existing bike lanes east of 20th Street. Below is the latest information about the project.

From 20th to 23rd on Market Street, the complete street safety project will:

  • Change the layout of the road to control driver speeds throughout the corridor,
  • improve the safety of left turns from Market Street,
  • increase safety for people walking at intersections and add a separated two-way bike lane on the north side of Market Street.
  • The project will remove one car lane going west and some parking spots on three blocks.

To facilitate the new layout and improve safety on the corridor, traffic signal modifications are required at the Market Street intersections with 23rd, 22nd, 21st, and 20th. The signal modifications are scheduled to be completed by the spring of 2023.

The bike lane will be temporarily closed until the traffic signals are upgraded to control cars turning left from Market Street. There will be barriers across the lane until the signal work is completed. Signs and barriers will be posted on the street with information about the project and a QR code to this blog post. The bike lane will not open until the traffic signal modifications are complete.

Today, buses stop on Market Street in both directions at 23rd, 22nd, and 21st, and buses going east stop at 20th. With this project, the following changes will occur to the bus stops:

  • Bus stops going west will be removed at 23rd and 21st Streets,
  • The westbound bus stop at 22nd Street will be improved with a boarding island,
  • All bus stops going east will remain for the time being at their current locations, and
  • The bus shelter at 23rd on the NE corner will be removed and relocated to a nearby stop location yet to be determined.

“We are excited to install new safety facilities in partnership with PennDOT for all road users on Market Street which is part of the Vision Zero High Injury Network, the 20 percent of Philadelphia streets that account for 80 percent of serious crashes,” said Mike Carroll, Deputy Managing Director for Transportation. “The project will make it safer for people to walk, take transit, bike, and drive on Market Street in west Center City.”

View the project information sheet in the Market Street repaving project page (20th to 23rd). For construction updates and more information visit