PHILADELPHIA – The City of Philadelphia has learned that some of the families affected by the 1220 Lindley Ave. partial building collapse on September 14 and currently staying temporarily at hotels were asked by the Lindley Towers owner to vacate their hotel rooms by 11 a.m. this morning. Because the City wants to ensure the individuals affected have stable housing options, the City is immediately providing short-term funding to ensure these tenants are able to stay in the hotel through Wednesday.  

The City’s quick response will allow these tenants to stay in their hotel rooms temporarily while Community Legal Services petitions the Court for relief on behalf of the tenants. 

“We are highly disappointed by the last-minute communication to tenants who have already endured weeks of housing instability due to the partial collapse of 1220 Lindley Ave. The collapse was a direct result of the owners’ disinvestment in their property which caused the property to be unsafe for human habitation,” said City Solicitor Diana Cortes. “Nevertheless, the court order obtained by the City’s Law Department will allow the City to continue to affirm the housing rights of these tenants while holding the owners accountable for their role in creating this housing and public safety crisis. It is of critical importance that the owners take financial and legal responsibility for their actions and do so immediately. In the meantime, the City will continue to do everything in its power to assist families displaced by the Lindley Towers collapse.  While the attorneys of the Law Department continue to take legal action on behalf of the City, we also look forward to working with other City officials and stakeholders, internal and external, to ensure that the dangerous conditions at 1220 Lindley Ave. property are addressed, to affirm the affected tenants’ right to safe housing, and ensure that the community is protected.”