Grow your business with a simplified process of applying for loans!   

The Philadelphia Business Lending Network (PBLN) is a service that enables business owners to express interest in financing to a group of nonprofit lenders, for profit lenders, and other funders with one form. There is no cost to submit the Financing Interest Form. The only eligibility requirement for the completed form to be shared with lenders is that the business must be located in Philadelphia. 

This service is not a loan application and there is no guarantee of approval from any of the Network lenders. The PBLN was created to help businesses save time by reaching multiple lenders at once. If the project and capital needs match available resources, Network lenders will contact the business directly and request more information.

The Philadelphia Business Lending Network is an online service of the Department of Commerce in partnership with PBLN lenders to help local businesses thrive with innovative economic opportunities.

Now launching! Equity incentive

Philadelphia thrives when economic opportunities are available to all.  Historically disadvantaged business owners experience structural difficulties with securing loan and conventional investment capital from financial institutions. To help alleviate this challenge, the Department of Commerce is proud to partner with City Council to expand the Philadelphia Business Lending Network service program to include an equity incentive component with targeted eligibility requirements.

The Philadelphia Business Network Incentive Grant is a pilot program that provides a grant of up to $35,000, up to 50% of each approved loan amount from a Network lender to businesses that meet the eligibility requirements. The grant amount would be directly attached to the loan agreement for the business.  

The Philadelphia Business Lending Network Incentive Grant is funded by the Neighborhood Preservation Initiative (NPI), $400 million citywide investment created by City Council legislation to support programs that benefit neighborhoods and residents. The Philadelphia Department of Commerce is allocated $3.8M in the first year of NPI proceeds (anticipating $15.2M over 4 years) to expand equitable wealth building opportunities through  neighborhood small business programs. 

Eligibility requirements

The following eligibility requirements are required for a business to be considered for the Philadelphia Business Lending Incentive Grant:

  • Owner is a Philadelphia resident and a member of a Historically Disadvantaged Community. Historically Disadvantaged Businesses are at least 51% owned by individuals who have been subjected to racial or ethnic prejudice or cultural bias within American society because of their identity as a member of groups and without regard to their individual qualities, such that their disadvantage stems from circumstances beyond their control.
  • Be located in Philadelphia with all required City of Philadelphia licenses and permits. 
  • Annual revenue of $250,000 or less
  • Business must be a Micro-enterprise (5 or less employees, including owner)
  • Be in compliance with City of Philadelphia taxes (or on an approved payment plan or in the process of getting on an approved payment plan).

The goal is to expand access to capital for historically disadvantaged microenterprises to reach the financing they need to start, grow, and sustain their businesses. View the application below for more information.

How to apply

Complete the Financing Interest Form online to connect with 35+ Lenders

Questions can be directed via email to Loan.Info@Phila.Gov

*This form is not a loan application and there is no guarantee of approval from any of the network members. If one of the members is interested in working with you, they will contact you directly for more information. If you are approved for a loan and your business is eligible for the grant, the lender will work with Commerce to ensure it is approved.