PHILADELPHIA – The City of Philadelphia is pleased to announce that a Settlement Agreement has been reached in the Class Action, Liberty Resources, Inc., et al. v. City of Philadelphia, No. 19-cv-03846, currently pending in federal court. Today, the Parties have finalized the Agreement and have jointly filed for preliminary court approval.

“We’re grateful that this Agreement will achieve substantial long-term improvements to the City’s pedestrian infrastructure through the installation and upgrade of curb ramps throughout the City of Philadelphia, enhancing access to jobs, schools, and community life for individuals with disabilities that affect their mobility,” said City Solicitor Diana Cortes.

Under the Agreement, the City will install or remediate at least 10,000 curb ramps over the next 15 years with 2,000-ramp milestones every three fiscal years. In addition to the City’s obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) to install, remediate, and maintain curb ramps, the City will also perform such work on curb ramps annually in response to requests from Philadelphia residents through the City’s 311 system.

The City is hopeful that the court will preliminarily approve the Agreement within the next month and, if approved, anticipate a hearing for final court approval to occur in February 2023.

As one of the Nation’s oldest and most historic cities, the City welcomes the accessibility improvements and investment this Agreement will provide in pedestrian access across the City and its neighborhoods. The City commends Liberty Resources, Disabled in Action of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia ADAPT, and Disability Rights Advocates on their advocacy and assistance in crafting an Agreement that will improve accessibility in Philadelphia for years to come.