Minority-owned businesses are the heartbeat of our economy! Join us as we forge the future together.

On Monday, October 3, the City’s Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) will kick off the 38th annual Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week to equip minority-owned businesses with dynamic workshops, supportive connections, and resources while celebrating industry-leading progress.

Philadelphia’s 38th annual MED Week begins October 3 and ends October 7, 2022. Organizations from across the city will host 40+ educational workshops, panel discussions and traditional webinars.

This year’s theme, Forging the Future: Growing Generational Wealth “This is How We Do It!” showcases that access to equitable opportunities is a wellspring that can guide business owners to lay long-lasting foundations for generations to come.

How to participate

MED Week Coffee and Commerce

There are several ways to participate in MED Week, including:

  1. Attend the MED Week in-person kick-off event.
    On October 3, OEO will share information about the more than two dozen events held by partner organizations during the week and will recognize several people and businesses that have had a vital impact over the past year.
  2. Take part in a workshop.
    Throughout MED Week, many organizations will hold 40+ workshops focused on topics of interest for diverse firms, including social media marketing, path to family legacy, employee retention, contract opportunities, accounting basics, and more.
  3. Network with other M/W/DSBE firms.
    In business, your network is a vital resource. Get to know other firms in the region and start building supportive relationships that can be beneficial to your business.

Not only will MED Week celebrate the value of M/W/DSBE firms in the region, it will also highlight the work of OEO staff, City employees, and the network of stakeholders who help M/W/DSBE firms access billions of dollars in contracts across the region. As we continue the road towards inclusive economic recovery, it is critical that everything is done to ensure local diverse firms have a fair and equitable opportunity to grow their businesses.

What business owners are saying

Four panel speakers seating on stage during a previous Minority Enterprise Development Week event.
Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week 2018: Trailblasian Event Panel Discussion

“MED Week has always been a tremendous vehicle for valuable information, important introductions, and mutually beneficial collaborations,” said Cassandra Hayes, Bodacious Promotions Inc.

“The Office of Economic Opportunity and MED Week have been key elements in connecting us with opportunities that lead to business” said Jim Baker, Baker & Company LLC.

“It is well worth the time to attend as many events as possible!” added Dil Kulathum, Tiger Contractors LLC.

What does generational wealth mean to you?

Offering more than 40 events to help your business grow throughout the first week of October.