Philadelphia Volleyball and Parks & Recreation’s Lloyd Hall have partnered to offer sitting volleyball pick-up games. This helps Parks & Rec fulfill its mission of providing enriching experiences for all.

Sitting volleyball brings athletes with disabilities and able-bodied athletes together. The action- and motion-filled games:

  • Are played sitting on the ground.
  • Need no specialized equipment.
  • Use traditional volleyball skills.
  • Do not limit anyone’s abilities.
  • Are also great for injured standing volleyball players.

Jimmy Falls takes part in the sitting volleyball program held at Lloyd Hall. About 40 years ago, he was injured in a train accident and lost his left leg below the knee. Despite his disability, he is an athlete who takes part in many adaptive sports. These include basketball, rowing, cycling, and skiing.

Jimmy says he especially enjoys sitting volleyball for a few reasons:

  • It allows both abled-body athletes and athletes with disabilities to play together.
  • It benefits participants’ physical and mental health.
  • “And most of all, it’s fun!”

Jimmy introduced his coworker Dan Elliott to the game at a regional tournament. Dan is an able-bodied veteran. He founded Philadelphia Volleyball, a volunteer-led group. They organize adult volleyball games in parks and gyms around the city.

Dan loves that sitting volleyball is open to all. “You don’t need to have any experience to play sitting volleyball,” Dan said. “It’s a very inclusive game. People of all ages and abilities can play. There are rules built into the game to encourage people without any kind of disability to play on the team.”

Dan enjoyed the game so much he started hosting games through Philadelphia Volleyball. The free pick-up games are six on six. If you’re interested, come out and join a game. Or view more information on their website.

Game details:

  • Tuesday nights from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • Lloyd Hall — 1 Boathouse Row, 19130.
  • Now through November.
  • Officials present the sitting volleyball rules at the start of each game.