In response to the ongoing 2022 monkeypox outbreak, the Health Department has been giving vaccines to people who have been exposed to monkeypox or are at high risk of being exposed. These vaccines have been available at special Health Department clinics, and certain healthcare providers.

Due to vaccine shortages and changes in how the vaccine is given, it has been difficult to for people who may be exposed to monkeypox to get vaccinated. Today, Philadelphia is receiving more vaccine and more providers can give it. We hope to start vaccinating more people than ever before and work to contain this outbreak.

In order to prepare for more access to monkeypox vaccine, the Health Department has published a website where you can register your interest in getting vaccinated. This is called the Monkeypox Vaccine Interest Form. The form will be used to determine if you are eligible to be vaccinated. People who are eligible will be contacted to set up an appointment. Appointments will be set to ensure that vaccine is given out in the most equitable manner.

If you don’t immediately get an appointment, your name will be added to a list to be invited in the future when more vaccine appointments are available, or you become eligible.

The Vaccine Interest Form is available in English and Spanish. People who do not want to, or cannot, complete it online can call (215) 685-5488 and a Health Department call taker will complete it for you.