By Noah Kulak, Communications Associate

Coming soon to FDR Park: more nature! On August 18, 2022 Philadelphia Parks & Rec, Fairmount Park Conservancy, and Friends of FDR announced the start of a new phase of the FDR Park Plan. In partnership with the Philadelphia International Airport, work on a new wetland will start on 33 acres of the park’s southwest corner. The wetland project marks the beginning of the Nature Phase of the Park Plan. 

The Nature Phase will restore 100 acres of natural areas on FDR Park’s former golf course, including:

  • 33 acres of the park’s southwest border transformed into tidal wetland
  • Restoration of Shedbrook Creek and the edges of the lakes with native plants
  • Creation of a wet sedge meadow and elevated meadow habitats
  • Expansion of FDR’s trail network from 2.4 to 7 miles of trails

Construction on the wetland project will begin over the coming weeks. If you’re visiting FDR park, here’s what to expect:

  • The new wetland site is located in a currently inaccessible area in the southwest corner of the park.
  • Soil excavated for the creation of the wetland will be stored in a hill on part of the former golf course. This area will be fenced off to ensure the safety of the public. That clean soil will be used to raise the golf course out of the floodplain in the next phase of the project. 
  • Signage will be posted around the construction site. Please follow any posted signage!
  • Construction vehicles may be using the ring road at certain times of day. Exercise extra caution on the ring road around construction vehicles.
  • Activities at the lakes and along the ring road at FDR Park will not be affected during the project.

View an overview about the project, take a virtual tour of the park, and more.