Welcome to the PHLpreK Provider Spotlight, where PHLpreK and the Office of Children and Families recognize one of our many participating providers. This spotlight showcases and applauds the great work providers are implementing through the City-funded pre-K initiative across Philadelphia.

Meet Kelley D. Burnett, owner and President of Kelley’s Inspirational Family Child Care Center, located in the Northeast Section of Philadelphia. Kelley and staff have been a part of the PHLpreK community since the program’s launch in 2017.

We recently sat down with Kelley to talk about how her center supports Philadelphia’s youngest learners, while creating a healthy workspace for those she employs:

PHLpreK: What would you say has been the secret to success for your team?

Kelley D. Burnett (KDB): I believe that the secret for success for my team is treating one another with respect, taking into consideration that we are all learning  and our passion for what we do and whom we do it for.

PHLpreK: What is something you are doing to support your staff right now?

KDB: My staff person, Monique Alston-Young, is currently in the apprentice program. By 2023 she will have an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education. She is supported with paid time off to attend class and to complete assignments.

PHLpreK studentsPHLpreK: How has being a part of the PHLpreK community benefited you, your program, and your team?

KDB: Being a part of the PHLpreK community has helped this program in many ways. We have been able to help so many children become kindergarten-ready, and help many families that would otherwise not be able to pay for preschool for their children. Being a part of the program has also provided myself and my staff with the opportunity to meet great like-minded people and benefit from awesome resources that we may not be able to afford without the support of PHLpreK.

PHLpreK: What is a quote that has helped you overcome struggles while you built your program?

KDB: I have two quotes! “Practicing SELF CARE is not selfish, it is a NECESSITY!” – Unknown

“There can be no keener revelation of society’s soul than the way which it treats its children” – Nelson Mandela