PHILADELPHIA—Yesterday, the U.S. FDA announced an issuance of an Emergency Use Authorization for JYNNEOS vaccine, commonly understood today as monkeypox vaccine, to allow single doses to be split and administered to up to five people. This is intended to increase the amount of vaccine that is available to help contain the ongoing monkeypox outbreak. The EUA is required both for the dosage change and an administration change, as the decreased dosage will need to be injected intradermally, as opposed to subcutaneously. The Health Department released the following statement in response:

“The Health Department is grateful to the federal government for exploring options to expand the availability of monkeypox vaccine,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Cheryl Bettigole. “Today’s announcement highlights the difficult situation Philadelphia is in, with many more people needing vaccine than is available. We look forward to learning more about the federal government’s plan, including additional information on the safety and efficacy of the proposed dosing strategy, as well as clarity on whether jurisdictions and/or vaccine providers and patients have the option of choosing between the proposed intradermal dosing strategy and the usual subcutaneous injection route or whether the new intradermal strategy will be the only available option. While we continue to work to ensure that as many at risk Philadelphians are protected as possible while we wait for those answers, the Health Department is beginning to plan for implementation of this new vaccine strategy, if it’s required.”