PHILADELPHIA — Today, Mayor Kenney and City leaders announced that the City of Philadelphia will provide $500,000 in funding for the Abortion Liberation Fund of PA (ALF-PA), which provides emergency financial assistance to people seeking an abortion they are unable to use their insurance to cover and cannot afford. The funding will expand ALF-PA’s capacity to help remove financial obstacles for people to access abortion care.“Abortion is healthcare no matter where you live,” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “In Philadelphia it is legal, but sadly that does not mean it is accessible for everyone. Providing financial support for people seeking abortions is one of the ways we will support Philadelphians in their fundamental right to bodily autonomy. Even before the Supreme Court’s decision this year, anti-abortion restrictions have made it far too difficult for people to access safe and often life-saving procedures, because public insurance won’t cover it and the costs of the procedure—to say nothing of traveling to a clinic, taking time off from work, childcare, and other financial considerations—are prohibitive. The Abortion Liberation Fund has a long and impressive history of dismantling barriers to abortion and reproductive justice, and we are proud to support their work and the people they serve with this historic and unprecedented commitment of funding.”Founded in 1985 in response to the Pennsylvania General Assembly eliminating Medicaid funding for abortions, ALF-PA has provided funding to thousands of individuals seeking abortions, including more than 3,200 people in fiscal year 2021. In addition to abortion funding, ALF-PA also helps build community power and fosters community-based resources for mutual care and support.ALF-PA’s 2019 needs assessment estimated that at least 6,300 individuals in the region need financial support to pay for their abortion each year, due to the Medicaid ban and being unable to pay out of pocket. The out-of-pocket cost of an abortion, roughly $400 to $3,000, can be insurmountable for many people, and does not factor in the costs of travel, childcare, and other common barriers to abortion access.Abortion is health care, is still legal in Pennsylvania, and ALF-PA is still providing funding so that anyone can get an abortion no matter their income, ZIP code, or reason. In Philadelphia, there are a number of resources available for people who want to prevent unplanned pregnancies or need an abortion or counseling support. To learn more about abortion resources and efforts to protect abortion access, please visit the City of Philadelphia’s action guide.