PHILADELPHIA—The Health Department’s website was updated today in order to provide transparency and easier access into the number of Philadelphia residents that are considered to have monkeypox. For the first time, information on the number of monkeypox cases in Philadelphia will be posted publicly every Monday. In addition to the number of cases, the Health Department will be posting updated information on the number of monkeypox vaccine doses that are available in Philadelphia. Given the widespread desire for access to monkeypox vaccine, this type of information will provide better insight into numbers of cases and available doses during any given week and help explain why it may be so difficult to secure a dose.

The information on monkeypox cases and vaccines can be found on the Health Department’s website. The Health Department’s blog post, The Latest on Monkeypox in Philadelphia, will have a direct link to this data webpage. The data will be updated every Monday. No other updates will be provided to press during the week. The Health Department is not yet able to release data on demographics of cases or vaccinees but plans to as more cases
and vaccinations are recorded.