Unity Cup is proud to be part of Welcoming Week—Saturday, Sept. 10 to Saturday, Sept. 24, 2022.

 A national initiative, Welcoming Week builds common ground in Philadelphia’s communities. It fosters a spirit of unity among immigrants, refugees, and U.S.-born citizens.
Welcoming Week encourages dialogue and helps forge relationships among these groups. It shows the successful multi-racial democracy we can be if everyone feels they belong in the places they call home. This includes immigrants and refugees.
The Philadelphia International Unity Cup, now in its sixth year, embodies the Welcoming Week spirit.

What is the Unity Cup?

The Unity Cup is a city-wide soccer tournament first held in 2016. This annual event:
  • Unites Philly’s neighborhoods.
  • Celebrates the city’s diverse immigrant communities through soccer.
  • Inspires a love for soccer in Philly youth.
The tournament also builds momentum towards FIFA World Cup 2026.™ Philadelphia is one of the host cities for the 2026 event.

When to watch?

The 2022 season kicked off on Friday August 5 at Ramp Playground. Team Portugal played Team Ivory Coast in the opening match. The tournament runs through October. This year’s friendly competition will feature 79 total games. Games take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This year’s championship game is Saturday, October 8, 2022.

Where to watch?

All Unity Cup games are free and open to the public. Regular season matches will be hosted at three locations across the city:

Who to watch?

Teams representing 48 countries will participate this year. Teams from Angola, The Dominican Republic, Portugal, and Uruguay entered the Cup for the first time. Four-time tournament champion Liberia will try to repeat their 2021 win. All 48 teams are ready to compete!

How can I follow the action?

Follow @PHLUnityCup on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates!

The Unity Cup website has the full schedule of upcoming games, game results, and team rankings.