Join us in recognizing Thursday July 28th, 2022 as World Hepatitis Day! The Viral Hepatitis Program of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health encourages all Philadelphians to learn more about viral hepatitis and do what you can to protect yourself and your communities. Get vaccinated! Get tested! Get the health care you deserve! And most importantly, ask your doctor or the Health Department about viral hepatitis!

How can we eliminate hepatitis B and C? Together as a team! The Health Department, in partnership with many local stakeholders and champions, is creating a Philadelphia-specific plan to eliminate hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

We hope to align our activities, and those of our Philadelphia partners, with Pennsylvania, national, and international goals to reduce the number of new hepatitis B and hepatitis C infections and to reduce the negative impacts they have on peoples’ lives, including premature death. Elimination is an opportunity to change systems and approaches to healthcare that disenfranchise many and create large gaps in hepatitis B and hepatitis C-related outcomes. We can do this, but we need to do it together!

How can you help? We need your help with our plan! We are looking for feedback on how healthcare is a challenge for Philadelphia residents and the self-identified strengths of the wonderful and diverse communities our residents represent. With your feedback, we can incorporate the knowledge and experiences of residents to improve the planning of hepatitis B and hepatitis C elimination. Please answer these few questions so together we can make the best plan for our amazing city! You can learn more about the Philadelphia plan to eliminate hepatitis B and hepatitis C here.

If you are interested in learning more about hepatitis B and hepatitis C or in viewing resources and providers in Philadelphia, please visit Find the closest pharmacy locations that vaccinate for hepatitis A and hepatitis B on, the Hepatitis C Allies of Philadelphia (HepCAP) coalition website.

We encourage you to do a few of the following activities to commemorate World Hepatitis Day –  learn something new about hepatitis B and hepatitis C ; get tested and get vaccinated; engage in care if you have either condition; talk with family and friends to reduce stigma around hepatitis B and hepatitis C; and of course, provide feedback to our elimination planning!