Rebuild is a historic investment in Philadelphia communities. Our work is best known for investment in libraries, recreation centers, and parks, but we know it’s the people that make our communities strong.

Daisie Cardona is Rebuild personified. Daisie, a photographer, youth activist, and writer works as a Community Connector at HACE. HACE helps build inclusive neighborhoods, which allow for economic empowerment in Eastern North Philadelphia. As a Community Connector, Daisie is a grassroots advocate, working on the ground to connect the community to this overarching project.

On her own, Daisie is an extremely accomplished photographer. She fondly remembers her mother showing her disposable cameras growing up, but Daisie took the initiative herself to learn the craft by joining a youth photography program while at Kensington Health Sciences. After this, Daisie went on to perfect the art form on her own and her portfolio speaks for itself.

Her photography, and overall work, aim to show a version of Kensington to the world that most don’t know— the active efforts of the community to improve their living space.

Daisie notes that McVeigh Recreation Center is a lifeline for the growing youth of Kensington, serving as one of the few recreation centers in the area acting as a community hub. Daisie went on to add that children that depend on McPherson Square Library/Park for meals and safety – McVeigh Recreation Center serves a similar role.

McVeigh Recreation Center is one of 72 projects receiving transformational improvements from Rebuild – interested in getting involved in McVeigh’s Rebuild project?  Reach out to Impact Services, Rebuild’s non-profit partner on the project to learn how to get involved.

The Rebuild program will invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Philadelphia’s parks, recreation centers, and libraries. Made possible by the Philadelphia Beverage Tax. Learn more about Rebuild’s approved sites and the work being completed.