PHILADELPHIA—The City of Philadelphia today announced 18 new internal projects that will be funded by the Operations Transformation Fund (OTF). The OTF is a $10 million internal City fund, managed by the City’s Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), that is investing in transformative municipal projects in fiscal years 2022 and 2023. In fall 2021, the OTF funded 11 internal projects.

When the second funding cycle opened in March, City employees submitted almost 50 different ideas.

“We’re thrilled to add 18 more projects that will transform how the City works and serves Philadelphia,” said Mayor Kenney. “It’s been incredible to see how departments are envisioning what city government can do now and beyond. As we track the progress of each of these projects, we look forward to seeing their lasting impact.”

The projects recently awarded OTF funding are sponsored by 24 different departments, agencies, and offices, with diverse objectives. Some initiatives aim to make public infrastructure more accessible, and ensure services reach more Philadelphians. Others will update internal processes for efficiency and develop governance practices for the future. Finally, numerous projects will strengthen collaboration with community partners.

Below are the 18 projects that will be funded:

  • Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and Office of Immigrant Affairs (OIA): “Alert and Warning Enhancement Project” ($550,000) 
    • OEM will update its alert and warning system by expanding the languages for emergency messages. This project will also create a place-based messaging pilot that focuses on vulnerable neighborhoods.
  • Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR): “Digital Equity Bridges” ($500,000) 
    • Philadelphia Parks and Recreation will make sure 20 recreation centers have reliable internet. People can use these spaces to apply for jobs, play video games, connect with peers, and more.
  • The Mayor’s Office of Black Male Engagement: “A Hope that Lights the Way: A Research Project to Strengthen Public Engagement” ($340,000) 
    • The goal of this project is to create a multi-media documentary. The documentary will portray the ongoing work in Philadelphia of forging and protecting hope for Black men and boys. The project will use research and narrative analysis.
  • The Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD): “ADA Unit” ($300,000) 
    • MOPD shared the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan in 2020. This project will create an ADA Unit for better accessibility in Philadelphia.
  • Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability: “Eliminating Barriers in the City’s Traffic-Calming Request Program” ($300,000) 
    • This project will redesign the City’s existing Traffic Calming Program. The goal is to make the program more accessible, inclusive, and transparent for residents.
  • Philadelphia Department of Prisons: “Telehealth Service Expansion” ($300,000) 
    • This project will offer healthcare via mobile telehealth units in Philadelphia jails. This will allow all patients to have access to care without leaving their housing areas.
  • Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR): “The Reforestation Hub” ($277,000) 
    • PPR will change the City’s Organic Recycling Center into a Workforce Development and Reforestation Hub. This hub will turn fallen trees into lumber products. The project looks to reduce waste, cut costs, create jobs, and support the regeneration of the City’s trees and forests.
  • Office of Homeless Services, Department of Planning and Development, Division of Housing and Community Development, Health and Human Services, Department of Licenses and Inspections, and Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity: “Centralized Landlord Network” ($275,000) 
    • This project will bring City agencies together to provide key resources to landlords, property owners, and developers in a one-stop shop. The resources will focus on property needs, housing programs, and more.
  • Law Department, Licenses and Inspections, Planning and Development: “Hybrid Hearings” ($264,000) 
    • This project will transform the meeting and hearing rooms on the 18th Floor of the One Parkway Building into a hybrid space. The rooms will allow residents to join in-person or virtually. This change will allow the public to better engage with the City’s decision-making processes.
  • Office of the Director of Finance: “Citywide SAP Update Project” ($250,000) 
    • This project will update the City’s Standard Accounting Procedures (SAPs). SAPs help with operations, financial reporting, and accounting.
  • Free Library of Philadelphia: “Library Materials Transit Efficiency Project” ($200,000) 
    • This project will speed up the delivery time of materials between Free Library branches. It aims to get materials delivered from one library to another within two business days.
  • Department of Labor: “Worker Rights Community Outreach and Education Fund” ($200,000) 
    • The City will collaborate with local organizations to raise awareness and understanding of worker rights.
  • Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services (DBHIDS): “DBHIDS Clinical Fieldwork Pipeline” ($190,000) 
    • This project looks to improve behavioral health training and job development. DBHIDS will focus on workforce shortages and diversity in Philadelphia’s behavioral health system. It will also connect with social work students and graduates to the public behavioral health system administered through DBHIDS.
  • Free Library of Philadelphia: “Homebound Delivery Service” ($181,000) 
    • The Free Library will use OTF funding to enhance and expand services for residents that are homebound, including speedier and more personalized delivery of Library materials.
  • Office of Innovation and Technology: “Improving Digital Service Delivery” ($155,000) 
    • This project will collect direct user feedback through usability testing to make the City’s digital services more intuitive, reliable, and useful for residents, businesses, and City staff.
  • Office of Innovation and Technology, Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability (OTIS), and Department of Fleet Services: “Electric Vehicle (EV) Level 3 Fast Chargers Pilot” ($150,000) 
    • To help achieve the goals outlined in the Municipal Clean Fleet Plan, this project will bring new, efficient electric vehicle technology for charging City-owned vehicles.
  • Department of Streets: “Operation Inspiration” ($150,000) 
    • Funding will provide new handhel­d leaf blowers for block captains in Philadelphia. This power tool will help block captains tackle hard-to-reach places, such as under parked cars and on sloped lawns.
  • Office of Sustainability: “Neighborhood Energy Center Outreach Campaign” ($100,000) 
    • Neighborhood Energy Centers are grassroots organizations that offer support with utility bills and weatherization services. This project aims to help these Centers do more outreach. The goal is to expand the reach of these services.

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