Have you avoided getting the COVID vaccine because you’ve heard it might cause problems with infertility, erectile dysfunction, and even climax? Actually, it’s not the vaccine that causes those issues. Getting the COVID-19 virus has been strongly tied to men’s reproductive and sexual health. Here’s the information you need to protect (and enjoy) yourself.

There have been rumors that the COVID vaccine can cause impotence. But the truth is there’s a possible link between being infected with COVID and infertility.

To invade our cells, COVID attaches to receptors found in lungs and as well as the testicles. A study of men infected with COVID showed problems with different testicular functions, including the production of sperm. This was attributed to the inflammation that occurs from the infection. What’s more, later studies have suggested that there may even be lasting negative effects on sperm production.

In other words, want to be a dad someday? Get vaccinated!

Even if you’re not interested in becoming a dad, the COVID virus could still impact you. You may have heard that the vaccine can cause erectile dysfunction. But there is zero proof that that’s true.

What IS true? Studies throughout the pandemic have found that men are having problems with erections after having the virus. One study interviewed groups of men about their sex lives after testing positive for COVID. 28% of men surveyed after testing positive for COVID reported erectile dysfunction. Compare that to the group of men who didn’t have COVID, where erectile dysfunction was much lower, just over 9%.

Finally, rumors have been going around that the vaccine is linked to problems with climax. Again, false! But there are case studies reporting that after a COVID infection men have had issues ejaculating. Let’s face it, no one wants an anti-climactic climax.

PDPH recommends that you get vaccinated today to protect yourself and your loved ones from severe COVID. You may even think of it as an investment in future Father’s Days. Learn more about where you can get your vaccine today.