PHILADELPHIA – The City of Philadelphia’s Office of Children and Families (OCF) today announced that for the first time, adult learners can enroll in a wide range of programs and classes by making a single phone call.

Adult learners are now urged to call 1-833-750-5627, an existing hotline funded by Philadelphia Works, a non-profit organization that serves employers and connects youth and adult career seekers to employment and training opportunities. The hotline is operated by PA CareerLink Philadelphia, which offers a variety of free career development services.

Working in partnership, OCF and Philadelphia Works have expanded the scope of the hotline, so that – for the first time – specific information about adult learning opportunities is provided and learners are guided through the enrollment process. These classes include:

  • Reading, writing and math
  • English for speakers of other languages (ESOL)
  • GED and HiSET prep
  • Basic computer skills

To promote the new use of the hotline, OCF today is launching a public awareness campaign titled “Next Level Learning,” which will include advertisements, radio spots, and promotion on social media throughout the summer and into the fall.

“This campaign, and the use of the Philadelphia Works hotline, represent a landmark in the City’s support for adult learning,” said Christine Piven, Ph.D., Executive Director of Adult Education in the Office of Children and Families. “Previously, adult learners faced a confusing array of choices that they needed to navigate, often on their own, by making multiple phone calls or searching online. This led to confusion and, often, missed opportunities.

“Now, with a single phone call, they can discuss options with advisors, and be connected to classes that fit their individual needs. We are confident this will better connect thousands of Philadelphia’s adult learners to education, digital skills training, and a path to job readiness,” said Piven.

“Philadelphia Works is committed to smart workforce solutions that help the residents of Philadelphia better navigate the many public resources available to them in support of their career success,” said Patricia Blumenauer, Vice President of Operations and Data at Philadelphia Works. “Adult education is often an essential step on a career pathway. Having the infrastructure to expand our call center to support adult education inquiries, paired with a great partnership with OCF, creates greater access to resources for Philadelphia career seekers, a priority goal for our local workforce system.”

The City of Philadelphia works with community-based organizations to provide Next Level Learning for residents who are 16 and older. These vital services help residents build the skills they need to realize their personal, professional, and civic goals. As part of the Next Level Learning campaign, adult learners are urged to call 1-833-750-5627 and speak with a representative about options that are right for them. Those steps are outlined at