PHILADELPHIA — The Philly Counts office has been connecting communities with vital information about the COVID-19 vaccine since the office pivoted its initiative towards getting Philadelphians vaccinated. In six months, the Philly Counts team has knocked over 100,000 doors and has had over 17,000 conversations with residents about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

On April 23, Philly Counts hosted a Spring Day of Action: Thank You Lunch & Canvass to show appreciation for the residents, volunteers, and community partners in the East Oak Lane/Onley, Hartranft, and Mill Creek neighborhoods. During the canvass, the team knocked on its 100,000th door. 

Being able to reach individuals and families in their communities with vaccine information has been critical to ensuring vaccine equity in Philadelphia. We knew that access to information would be essential to ensuring the health and wellbeing of all Philadelphians throughout the COVID pandemic,” said Vanessa Caracoza, Director of Partnerships for Philly Counts.

Last October, Philly Counts launched a paid canvassing program activating 50 canvassers to speak with residents in 32 of the lowest vaccinated Philadelphia neighborhoods about the vaccine. The canvassers make three passes through each neighborhood.

Over the past year, Philly Counts has created powerful partnerships with the Philadelphia Department of Health, the Philanthropy Network of Greater Philadelphia, and the National Institute of Health’s Community Engagement Alliance.  

Philly Count’s unique engagement model is centered on grassroots organizing and coalition building with trusted organizations in the city of Philadelphia. In addition, Philly Counts’ equips trusted messengers, residents that are already pillars in their community with important information to talk to their family, friends, network, and community about the COVID-19 vaccination. 

“We have completed a milestone in our quest to get people vaccinated. This goes to the testament of dedication everyone here at Philly Counts has, working as a team to save lives,” said Lewis Maye Canvassing Manager for Philly Counts.

This summer Philly Counts plans to host the Conversations that Count series to continue to engage Philadelphians.  As well as launch a Community Champion Program that will equip trusted messengers in the community with important information to share with family, friends, and neighbors. 

Check out the Philly Counts website for an up-to-date events calendar as well as resources to use in the community. Members of the public can sign up here for Philly Counts’ updates and get more information about volunteer opportunities.