The City’s Art Commission approved the concept design for the intersection at Broad, Germantown, and Erie streets. The presentation highlighted new renderings of what the plazas will look like. Designers changed some parts of previous designs. These changes are in response to community and stakeholder feedback.

Broad, Germantown, and Erie is more than an intersection. It is a shopping and transit hub. It has a strong community and noteworthy architecture. This project will make the intersection safer for walking. It will support local businesses, and honor local history and culture.

A rendering of the Butler Triangle design

The improvements to the intersection will include:

  • A park at Butler Triangle,
  • A transit hub at Erie Triangle
  • A traffic redesign of Erie Avenue (between Old York Road and North Carlisle Street)

The design brings safety, seating, and shade to both triangular plazas in this intersection. It also includes new crosswalks with upgraded traffic signals. On Erie Avenue, the City will remove old trolley tracks and add protected bike lanes and bus-only lanes. This will help transit move smoothly through the intersection. Broad Street will receive extended pedestrian medians.

The proposed design of Erie Triangle.

The new Butler Triangle design includes a large lawn area with new seating and large shade trees. This will give neighbors and visitors a place to sit and relax or eat. Public art will be included in the design. A possible theme for the art is literature. This theme comes from research into community history and feedback from neighbors.

New plantings will be added to both triangles. They will be simple to maintain and drought resistant. They include native flowers and grasses, and trees with bright autumn color.

Watch the presentation here:

planned changes around the Broad, Germantown, Erie intersection

A summary of planned changes around the Broad, Germantown, Erie intersection.