The Air Pollution Control Board advises the Health Department on air quality issues, and promotes regulations that protect air quality standards, control air contaminants, and establish air quality objectives.

The Board is required to have seven appointed members and the Health Commissioner. Four of the members are to be experts in industries that affect the air quality, one a business executive, and two resident householders. Recently, one of the resident householder seats opened and the City is looking to fill that seat.

Members of the Air Pollution Control Board meet regularly to discuss air quality issues and regulations, the City’s air pollution monitoring network, and ways to protect Philadelphians from air pollution. The open seat is a full member of the Board and can discuss, comment, and vote on all matters before the Board.

To apply for the open seat, you must:

  • Be a Philadelphia resident,
  • Be a householder (a person who owns or rents a house),
  • Not work with high pressure boilers, fuels, transit or transportation, or industrial equipment, and
  • Be able to complete the Tax Clearance Application if nominated.

The Director of the Air Management Services division of the Health Department will compile a list of nominees and convey them to the Mayor for appointment.

All nominations submitted to AMS must be done in writing and must include:

  • A resume or curriculum vitae for the candidate
  • A cover letter

Nominations must be submitted to:

Kassahun Sellassie

Air Management Services Director

321 University Avenue, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Each member receives $30 compensation for each meeting attended, not to exceed $360 annually.