In response to delays in getting access to COVID-19 testing due to demand, Philadelphians have been looking for additional testing sites. Recently, people have been asking about testing opportunities that seem to have popped up in different parts of the city.

It can be difficult to figure out which testing sites are real, and which ones might not be. The Health Department is working to develop a process to certify COVID testing sites. Until that’s ready, there are things that you can do to keep yourself and your information safe.

  • Ask who the testing site is affiliated with and check with the facility that the testing site is collocated with. Legitimate testing sites will partner with the site they are set up at and should vouch for them.
  • Look for logos of institutions on the paperwork and signage at the testing site; call those institutions to make sure the testing site is legitimately affiliated with them.
  • Check the site to see if the site is listed.
  • COVID testing sites may ask for your insurance but should not charge you for testing.
  • COVID testing sites should not ask for your social security number.

Our recommendation to folks who have used these sites is to watch for test results. If it’s been longer than promised, we suggest calling the testing provider for an update. If they are unsatisfied with the answer they receive, they should contact the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office here: