The 2022 Mummers Parade will take place on Sunday, January 2. The traditional New Year’s Day parade was postponed due to expected inclement weather. As COVID cases rise in Philadelphia and across the country, please take precautions to stay healthy and limit the spread of COVID-19 while celebrating this year.

Stay safe by following these 6 COVID safety tips:

  1. Get vaccinated. The most important protection is to be vaccinated. Everyone in Philadelphia should get fully vaccinated, and get a booster dose as soon as they’re eligible. Vaccines are free, and available at clinics across the city
  2. Stay home if you feel sick. If anyone feels sick, they should stay home. Even if they test negative for COVID, public health officials urge anyone with a cough, sore throat or fever to avoid crowds and isolate until your symptoms clear.
  3. Masks are required. Everyone should wear a mask at the Mummers Parade, even when outdoors. If you’re going to eat or drink, it’s okay to take the mask down, but put it back on once you’re done. Performers actively playing woodwind or brass instruments can remove their masks while playing, but should put the mask back on whenever they are not playing.
  4. Avoid extremely crowded areas. Social distancing is still effective at reducing the risk of infection. Capacity limits are in place at the judging area and bleachers, but parade goers should keep track of crowds when they decide where to spectate. Choose a spot to watch the parade where there is enough room to social distance. 
  5. Stay outdoors. Spectators can enjoy all the excitement of the Mummers Parade outside in the fresh air, where the risks of COVID spreading are less than when indoors. Those with tickets to indoor performances should ensure they remain masked the entire time, and stay home if they feel sick.
  6. Enjoy the parade at home. Anyone with heightened risk factors or concerns about COVID exposure can take part in the Mummers tradition from the comfort of their home. PHL17 will air live parade coverage beginning at 8 a.m. on New Years Day.