PHILADELPHIA — The City of Philadelphia’s Philly Counts office has been helping direct community engagement efforts for the COVID-19 vaccine.  Since October 1, the office has knocked on 24,797 doors and has had 3,625 conversations with residents about getting the COVID-19 vaccine before the Holiday season.  

Last month, Philly Counts launched a paid canvassing program activating 50 canvassers to speak with residents in 32 of the lowest vaccinated Philadelphia neighborhoods about the vaccine. The canvassers will make three passes through each neighborhood. This year Philly Counts has knocked 39,504 doors.What we’re doing here at Philly Counts is saving lives. Going door to door, neighborhood to neighborhood, engaging our fellow Philadelphians, giving them the correct information to make an informed decision about getting vaccinated is monumental in this fight against COVID-19, ” said Lewis Maye, Canvass Manager for Philly Counts.

In late September Philly Counts started a campaign to get Philadelphians vaccinated before the holidays.  Since September 28, 51,422 adults have been fully vaccinated and at least 74,787 adults have received at least 1 dose.

In an effort to keep Philadelphians safe during the upcoming holidays Philly Counts also trained 97 Vaccine Information Champions during the month of October. The training is a 90-minute in-depth session to help residents become trusted messengers who confidently, accurately, and effectively answer questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. 

On Wednesday, November 17 at 5:30 pm, Philly Counts is hosting a Vaccine Information Champion Training for the African and Caribbean communities along with FunTimes Magazine. Dr. Carmen Febo San Miguel M.D., former Executive Director of Taller Puertorriqueno, and Dr. Ngozi Onuoha M.D., Executive Director of Health4Naija will be a part of the training to answer questions. Members of the public can register here. 

“COVID-19 widened the faultlines of health disparities in the communities of color, disproportionately affecting the Black community. FunTimes Magazine appreciates Philly Counts’ partnership to amplify the messages to encourage vaccine uptake and discourage vaccine hesitancy in the BIPOC population. FunTimes is grateful to Independence Public Media Foundation for the grant to undertake this project, Eric Nzeribe, Publisher of FunTimes Magazine. 

The neighborhood engagement team has been building circles of support in low-vaccinated areas throughout the city.  Circles of support are comprised of community groups, schools, faith-based organizations, and libraries.  The coalitions are supported by Philly Counts community organizers and Philanthropy Network/Philly Counts Ambassadors. “The circle of support is very important because not only do I meet a great group of people, they also give us important information, resources, and things that we need in our community,” Mamie Mathis, two-time Philanthropy Network/Philly Counts Ambassador.

There is still time to get vaccinated before the Holidays to keep your family safe.  Check out Philly Counts’ latest blog post with deadlines to get the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Members of the public can sign up here for Philly Counts’ updates and get more information about volunteer opportunities



About Philly Counts 

Philly Counts is helping direct community engagement efforts for the COVID-19 vaccine.  In partnership

with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and other public and private partners, Philly Counts will

leverage its existing network of staff and volunteers to provide COVID-19 outreach, education, organizing,

and canvassing efforts to ensure that every Philadelphia resident understands why they should consider

being vaccinated.