Over the past decade, local tax reforms have made Philadelphia a better place to do business. What other changes to the tax code could lead to economic growth across the city? Could tax reform create a more inclusive and equitable COVID-19 recovery?

The new Tax Reform Working Group believes that every Philadelphia neighborhood should prosper. They want to hear what you think about taxes in the city.

What is the Tax Reform Working Group?

The working group will recommend changes to the tax code. They’ll recommend reforms that:

  • spur growth in employment for Philadelphians.
  • create and grow new businesses.
  • attract existing businesses to the city.

As part of this work, they’ll:

  • host community meetings.
  • post videos about critical tax content.
  • survey Philadelphians about their tax preferences.
  • write a final report with recommendations.

Learn more about the working group and its members in our press release.

How to participate

The Tax Reform Working Group wants to hear from Philadelphia residents and business owners. The survey is now closed, but you can still watch a meeting recording.

Take the survey (now closed)

The working group hosted a survey about tax preferences. The survey closed on October 31.

Watch a meeting recording

Experts discussed existing City taxes at virtual community meetings. You can watch recordings of these meetings on YouTube.

Thank you

Thank you for sharing your priorities and preferences. Your experiences and insights will help shape our recommendations.