From Logan Square to the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Benjamin Franklin Parkway is getting a makeover!  

By Christina Bassler,
Communications Associate
Philadelphia Parks & Recreation

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and its partners recently reviewed plans for improving the Parkway. This included a dozen plans from world-renowned design teams. 

These teams brainstormed ways to make permanent improvements to the Parkway to: 

  • Improve pedestrian access. 
  • Enhance the street’s beauty. 
  • Incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

After careful consideration, three teams were invited to develop their plans further. The teams spent several weeks getting to know the Parkway. They studied the area’s history, residents, and its potential. 

Design Workshop’s concept for the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

In July, the three design teams presented their plans at the Parkway Ideas Workshop. Each team sought to show Philadelphians what the Parkway could become, including: 

  • A next-level venue space, hosting many large-scale concerts at once. 
  • A hub for art and education for Philadelphia residents. 
  • A native plant preserve, reflecting the natural beauty of Pennsylvania horticulture. 
DLAND + DIGSAU’s design concept for the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

The audience consisted of a panel of local experts and community members. After each team’s presentation, the local experts evaluated each team and their work. They looked at: 

  • Each team’s range of experience. 
  • The diversity of the team. 
  • The team’s approach to addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Check out each team’s plans for reimagining the Parkway: 

Parks & Rec’s partners in this effort include: 


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