Have you heard about the farmers’ markets at Philadelphia Parks & Rec sites? LETTUCE tell you all about it!

Local vendors sell their fresh produce, flowers, breads, and meats each week at 14 of our sites. There are so many options, you won’t BAY LEAF your eyes! At these markets:

  • Local farmers sell food they raise directly to customers.
  • Customers can ask questions and learn more about where the food is grown.
  • You can try new fruit, vegetables, and other farm-raised products.
  • Everyone has a chance to purchase healthy, affordable food.

Fresh, nutritious foods are an important part of healthy lifestyle. Farmers’ markets help  Philadelphians access fresh fruits and vegetables. The markets support the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP recipients can use their benefits to buy produce and will get coupons after the sale.

Eating local and organic produce is also a BERRY good way to help your community and the environment in three ways:

  1. The foods you buy from the markets support local farmers, business people, and the economy.
  2. Buying foods from nearby farms decreases the distance the produce has to travel. This then decreases the carbon footprint from trucks, trains, and ships.
  3. Organic produce does not use pesticides that are harmful to bees, wildlife, water supplies, and your body.

You’ll have a great THYME at our farmers’ markets! Don’t forget to bring reusable bags to carry OLIVE your purchases home.

Parks & Recreation hosts the farmers’ markets in partnership with the Food Trust, Farm to City, Henry Got Crops CSA, Friends of Pretzel Park, and SEAMAAC.


Our map-based Finder app provides location, hours, and additional information for farmers' markets and many other programs at our sites across the city.