As our city continues to deal with the ongoing impact of the pandemic, the Office of LGBT Affairs continues to support Philadelphia’s LGBTQ+ communities.

The COVID-19 Resource Guide for LGBTQ+ Communities has been updated and contains access to critical information on COVID-19 and its variants, but also includes new sections, creating a more comprehensive resource guide for LGBTQ+ Philadelphians transitioning to life in a post pandemic world.

Included in recent updates to the guide is information on:

  • Vaccine eligibility and distribution sites.
  • Assistance for renters and housing access.
  • Job skills development.
  • LGBTQ+ inclusive employers.
  • Services for seniors.
  • Places of worship or spiritual groups.
  • Childcare services, pre-K schools, after care programs.
  • How to Help Create LGBTQ+ Inclusive Schools.
  • Community groups.

Regarding COVID-19, Acting Health Commissioner, Dr. Cheryl Bettigole, posted an open letter to Philadelphians regarding the facts about the new Delta variant.

The good news is that people who are fully vaccinated are protected against this variant. But people who aren’t vaccinated at all, and people who only got one dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, are in danger. This variant is putting young, healthy people in the hospital at rates we have not seen before with other COVID-19 variants. And young adults are the group in Philadelphia with the lowest rate of vaccination. Please be sure to get vaccinated today!

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