Philadelphia has recently lifted nearly all of the Safer-at-home restrictions and allowed fully vaccinated folks to go without masks in almost all settings. Many people are asking if the pandemic is over. As much as we all want this pandemic to be over and to get back to the things we love, it’s far from over.

Until everyone is vaccinated, people will keep getting really sick from COVID, ending up in the hospital, and dying. There’s also a chance a new COVID variant could emerge. A variant is a disease that’s still basically the same as the original disease, but slightly different.

The Delta variant

Earlier this year, the Delta variant emerged and started making people sick overseas. Scientists are still studying this new variant, but it seems to be more easily transmitted between people. That means that someone who has the Delta variant is more likely to infect other people, and more people. It also looks like people who get sick with the Delta variant are more likely to end up in the hospital.

If there’s anything that would make the Health Department start to think about reinstituting restrictions, it’s a big rise in new cases and a rise in people in the hospital who are sick with COVID. That’s why we’re worried about the Delta variant.

But there’s something we can do about it. The research into the Delta variant shows that being vaccinated can protect you and stop the variant.

It’s important to note: being FULLY vaccinated can protect you from the Delta variant. People who are only partially vaccinated, which means they only have one dose of Pfizer or Moderna, are only 33% protected. Just getting that second dose raises your protection up to nearly 90%.

What we know: The Delta variant makes more people sick and puts more people in the hospital. If we want to stop those things from happening, we need to get vaccinated. We all need to get fully vaccinated.

Don’t wait. Get fully vaccinated today.

If you’ve only gotten one shot and want to make sure that you’re fully protected against the dangerous Delta variant, here’s where you can get your second shot, even if you forgot your appointment. And it’s still a good idea to get that second shot, even if you’ve waited longer than 6 weeks after your first dose.

The following vaccine providers are offering second dose shots regardless of where you got your first dose:


  • 1325 Tabor Road
  • You can schedule an appointment by calling 215-456-8800, but you don’t need an appointment.
  • Moderna Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8am – 6pm and Saturday 9am-5pm.
  • Pfizer Day: Tuesday 9am-6pm

Penn Medicine

6/23, 3pm – 6pm

  • Hardy Williams Elementary
  • 5400 Warrington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143
  • Pfizer

6/26, 10am – 2pm

  • SW Community Development Corporation
  • 6328 Paschall Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19142
  • Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson

7/10, 10am – 4pm

  • Philadelphia Masjid
  • 4700 Wyalusing Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19131
  • Moderna and Johnson & Johnson

7/17, 10am – 2pm

  • SW Community Development Corporation
  • 6328 Paschall Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19142
  • Pfizer

Most local pharmacies will also give second shots to people who are due or overdue, regardless of where you got your first dose. Check with your local pharmacy for details.