The City has been working since December to get everyone in Philadelphia vaccinated against COVID-19. As of June 3, more than 50% of all adults in Philadelphia have been fully vaccinated. More than 800,000 Philadelphians–more than two out of three adults–have received at least one dose of vaccine. These numbers are among the best in the nation.

But there are still hundreds of thousands of Philadelphians who have not been vaccinated yet, and every person that’s not vaccinated is another person who can get sick from COVID, end up hospitalized, die, or risk infecting others. We all need to get vaccinated. 

And now, thanks to a partnership with the University of Pennsylvania’s Behavior Change for Good Initiative and Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics, there’s another good reason to get vaccinated: nearly $400,000 in winnings will be given out in a sweepstakes this summer to 36 vaccinated Philadelphians.

On June 21, July 6th, and July 19th, six Philadelphians will be picked to win $1,000. Four more will be picked to win $5,000. And two very lucky Philadelphians will be picked to win $50,000. That’s a total of 36 winners this summer, six of whom will walk away with the grand prize of $50,000.

Each of the winners will be contacted to make sure that they have received at least their first vaccination by the date of the drawing, and if so, they’ll win! Payouts will be made quickly – within a week after winners sign legal forms and have their vaccination status verified – and payments can be made out to winners by check or money order.

In each drawing, three of the $1,000 winners, two of the $5,000 winners, and one of the $50,000 winners will be from a special selected zip code. Selected zip codes will be chosen at random from the list of the twenty zip codes with the lowest vaccination rates, and announced two weeks before each prize drawing. The other winners will be picked from the rest of the city, excluding the selected zip code.

The selected zip code for the June 21st drawing is 19126. So, if you live in that zip code, make sure you get vaccinated today – your chances of winning a prize are vastly higher than the chances of Philadelphians in other zip codes!

Remember, we’ll pick another special selected zip code and do it all over again on July 6, and one more time on July 19!

Interested in winning? Get your vaccine today! Remember, if your name gets picked and you’re not vaccinated, you’ll get a call but will not be able to accept your prize, so we’ll pick someone else. Don’t miss out on your chance at $50,000!

Winners will be selected from a residential database. To ensure everyone who is interested is included, Philadelphians can also actively register for the sweepstakes. Register online at, call 1-877-642-5666, in English or Spanish, or text “Phillyvax” to 215-608-9799.