Your property tax or business tax bills are generally mailed out several weeks before they are due. For example, the City mails out Real Estate Tax bills in December, and they are due by March 31 each year. Not receiving your tax bill does not mean you don’t have to pay it. Your unpaid property tax balance will accrue extra charges, including Interest, beginning April 1. 


If your Real Estate or Business Tax bill is lost, you can always pay it or print a copy online. If you don’t have internet service, you can call us at (215) 686-6442 to request a new copy. We will mail copies of your bills or payment receipts to the property or mailing address listed on your account.


We understand that in some cases, a family member or a property manager may need to request these documents for you. But we will need to verify that they are permitted to receive your bills. Here’s what they will need to bring when they come into the Municipal Services Building (MSB) to request your bill: 


1. A signed, notarized consent letter, and

2. A current state-issued photo ID 


We don’t require any extra forms, nor do we charge a processing fee. 


The consent letter and photo ID help us confirm your representative’s identity. They also help us protect your right to privacy and against potential theft. 


The letter must have your full name, the name of your authorized representative, and their relationship to you. We recommend that you enclose a copy of their state-issued photo ID with your letter, to allow us verify their identity. 


Once at the MSB, we’ll be happy to assist your representative. We will ask them to provide your property address or tax account number, along with the documents mentioned above. We do not need the property’s legal description or deed.


These are the same procedures your representative would follow to request copies of your property or business tax bills. The process is fast and easy, as long as your representative brings the right documents.