Philly311 has two social media pages, Twitter and Facebook. You can follow these pages for information and updates on the City of Philadelphia’s services. 

Our pages are monitored Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., excluding holidays. You can contact us on Twitter by tweeting @philly311 or by sending a direct message. On Facebook, get in touch with us by sending a direct message to our inbox. You can also comment on a post, but if you want to talk to a representative we advise you to send a direct message. We respond within 48 hours to posts requesting our services.  

However, the fastest and easiest way for you to submit a service request is by using our self-service mobile app or online portal. If you are not able to reach us by any other contact methodwe’ll do our best to assist you with a service request over social media. In order for a request to be processed, we need: 

  • A full description of the issue 
  • An exact address (street name and number) 
  • A photo showing the issue 
  • Your email address (if you’d like to track your request) 

Here are more ways to connect with Philly311 using social media: 

Follow up on service requests

You can follow up on a previously submitted service request with our social media representatives. Please provide the 8-digit service request numberan exact addressor your email address and we will find your case in our system. We can provide updates on the case or give clarification on case details. If there is no existing service request, please report the issue using our mobile app or web portalHere’s an example of a recent follow-up inquiry we received on Twitter: 


Ask a question

We are happy to answer questions about City services for you over social media. For instance, “How can I get help with rental assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic?” Here’s an example of a recent question we received on Twitter:  


Give us feedback

If you’ve had a good interaction over the phone with one of our call agents or want to give a shout-out to a City worker/service, feel free to share your experience on social media! We love to pass on residents’ kudos to our customer service reps. Alternatively, do you want to voice a concern or issue about city services? We want to hear what’s on your mind. Making your voice heard can also encourage constructive conversations and information sharing in the community.