Recently, the City released the Philadelphia Transit Plan, in which Trolley Modernization is a top transit infrastructure priority for the coming decade. This program will replace the entire trolley fleet to provide for accessible stations and vehicles for these crucial routes. The City and SEPTA are also working on projects to create better bus boarding facilities on transit priority corridors, often in coordination with other safety projects.

In order to protect the transit platform space needed under the two programs, City Council passed Bill #200496 to prohibit  the construction of curb cuts that may obstruct the construction of ADA accessible platforms. A curb cut driveway at a transit stop means that ADA accessible service may not be possible at that location.

Where is this happening?

The City has produced this map of curbs that are affected by these new regulations. These corridors are a combination of trolley routes, Direct Bus locations, and future transit platform potential locations.

Any additional locations will be added to the map and list of locations with a 30 day notice.

What does this mean for me?

If you are a developer or property owner who is affected by these regulations, you will be notified when submitting for a permit for a driveway that you may not be able to construct a driveway in that location. You will be able to work with the Department of Streets and SEPTA to determine if a driveway can be placed in the desired location, or if your plans will need to change.

For more information or questions, contact the City’s Office of Transportation via email at