Unlike previous years, you won’t receive a paper return and coupon to pay your 2020 School Income Tax (SIT) in the mail. But if you owe this tax, you still have to pay it. This year, you have until May 17 to pay SIT without added interest or penalty.

You can pay and file and pay SIT on our eFile / ePay website. You can also print your own return and mail it in with a check. Below, we list the steps to follow in each case.

SIT payments are an important funding source for the School District of Philadelphia. In Fiscal Year 2020, this tax provided around $51 million to our local public schools.

Go online

The best way to file and pay is always online. To start, make sure you have your Social Security Number (SSN) and Philadelphia Department of Revenue PIN. Then:

  1. Go to www.phila.gov/pay; select SCHOOL INCOME.
  2. In the Login window, enter your SSN and PIN; select Submit. (If you don’t have a PIN, select “Apply for a PIN” from the navigation menu on the left, and follow the on-screen prompts.)
  3. From the menu on the left, select Electronic Return, School Income and 2020.
  4. Complete the online return; select Submit.
  5. Follow the prompts to pay online or to print a payment coupon.

Remember, using eCheck is FREE. You will be charged a fee for a debit or credit card payment.

Print your own

If you prefer, you can print your own paper return.

  1. Go to www.phila.gov/revenue/tax-forms; select 2020 tax forms.
  2. Under Income Taxes, select School Income Tax (SIT).
  3. Open the 2020 School Income Tax (SIT) return; print the document.
  4. Complete the paper return, and mail it along with your payment to:

Philadelphia Dept. of Revenue
P.O. Box 389
Philadelphia, PA 19105-0389

We’ve made a video with line-by-line instructions for filling out a paper SIT return:

We’re sorry we can no longer send you SIT returns and coupons. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to stop several courtesy mailings, including for SIT.

If you have questions about your School Income Tax liability for 2020, or would like us to mail you a paper return, call: (215) 686-6600.