Girls on the Run is a nationwide running program for girls in grades three through eight. Parks & Rec hosts the program at some of our sites. Two recreation leaders who coach the program include Kyra Pullen from Simpson Recreation Center and Lindsey Gaydosh from Kendrick Recreation Center. Here they explain how the program helps girls grow:

  1. It fosters healthy minds and bodies. The program combines physical activity with personal development. Girls might run laps while doing a communication exercise.

  2. It builds self confidence. Girls learn how to be intentional with their decisions, like who they hang out with and how they spend their time.

  3. It highlights strengths. The program encourages girls to embrace their gifts and celebrate them as a team.

  4. It relies on a tried-and-true curriculum. The lessons and training teach girls to work toward a goal and empower them to run a 5K at the end of the season.

  5. It creates a community. Girls bond and make friends through the shared experience of running.

  6. It connects girls with positive role models. Kyra enjoys the new way of running and coaching GOTR offers. “It allows me to connect to the girls on a personal level and help them navigate growing up to become confident young women,” she says.

    Lindsey has always been involved in sports. She values the life lessons and connections her coaches gave her. “I’m so grateful that I get to do that for the girls in the Kendrick community now through Girls on the Run!”