“Once again our city has been rocked by senseless gun violence. Tonight, we tragically lost a 15-year-old who had their entire life ahead of them. I extend my deepest condolences to their family during this unimaginable time. The lives of at least two other teenage victims will also never be the same, as they now have to recover from gunshot wounds that ravaged their young bodies, and face the long-term impacts of experiencing this trauma. 

“Earlier this afternoon, another shooting claimed the life of one man and left others — including two teenagers — critically injured. At this rate, 2021 is on track to be the most violent year we’ve experienced in our lifetimes. We cannot stand by as we lose an entire generation to this ongoing scourge of gun violence. We must rise up with one united voice to demand this horrific violence come to an end, and work together to achieve that goal. 

“Beginning next Wednesday at Noon, our Administration will host regular public briefings to share the strategies underway to address this public health crisis and create safe, healthy communities. We will be candid about our challenges and transparent about the solutions and resources we’re bringing to bear to reduce violence across the city.”