“Today’s mass shooting near the Olney Transportation Center, in broad daylight, is yet another tragic example of the vicious, outrageous, and unacceptable gun violence epidemic that’s threatening the lives and safety of our fellow Philadelphians. 

“I am beyond sickened. I refuse to accept this emergency situation as normal. We must rise together with one clear and united moral voice against the evil act of violence. People have the right to travel between work and home, and around town, without the fear of being shot, and possibly killed, by reckless, indiscriminate gunfire.

“I’m thankful that the Philadelphia Police Department has an individual in custody and that several firearms were confiscated, and I ask the public to report any information they have relevant to this case to 215-686-TIPS to help solve this heinous crime. My thoughts are with the victims of this tragedy and I’m praying for their full recovery. 

“As police continue to investigate, we remain committed to making our streets safer for all of us. We are actively working to adjust and update strategies in the Philadelphia Roadmap for Safer Communities to address the rise in violence and other challenges caused by the pandemic. 

“The public also deserves more frequent, public updates about gun violence reduction strategies underway and their results. I’m committed to increasing transparency and accountability in this area, and I’ll have more to share in the coming weeks.”