Planning – in Philadelphia and elsewhere – has historically left out many communities. As a result, planning and zoning has often reflected the wishes of those who already had influence.

We want to change that.

Re-Imagine Philadelphia is a 12-18 month effort to create a more inclusive planning process. This process will inform the development of Philadelphia’s next Comprehensive Plan.

The goal of Re-Imagine is to bring more voices – especially voices not heard in the past – to the table. People know their needs, so the goal is to understand these needs and design a process that will highlight them.

The next Comprehensive Plan will make the residents of Philadelphia the experts. It will listen to previously unheard voices. It will be a fair and collaborative planning process. It will move the needle toward achieving equity in Philadelphia.

We’re looking for residents to help us design that inclusive process. We also want help to identify the issues that stand between where we are today and a truly equitable Philadelphia.

We’re creating a Re-Imagine Philadelphia Steering Committee and we need residents to join. We’ll reach out to some who are already on advisory boards and commissions, but we want new voices too.

Want to serve on the Re-Imagine Philadelphia Committee Steering Committee? Apply online.H elp us create a city that serves the needs of all Philadelphians.