Millennial Advisory Committee Releases Statement on the Police-Involved Shooting of Walter Wallace, Jr. 

The Millennial Advisory Committee (MAC) released the following statement on the police-involved fatal shooting of Walter Wallace, Jr.:

“The Millennial Advisory Committee condemns the killing of Walter Wallace Jr., a Black man and fellow millennial by members of the Philadelphia Police Department. We send our deepest condolences to the Wallace family including his wife, young children, parents, and friends.

“2020 has been the year in our adult lives during which the collective eyes of our society have opened to the pain and terror our communities of color—particularly our Black and brown communities—face in their interactions with police. Now, sadly the nation’s eyes turn to our city. Philadelphians deserve to feel protected by our police force, not traumatized. We hope that the review promised by Mayor Kenney and Commissioner Outlaw is indeed fair, transparent, and speedy. That is what the Wallace family and our city deserve.

“Finally, we stand in solidarity with our small business communities, especially along 52nd Street and other impacted neighborhood business corridors. They do not deserve any greater suffering than this year has already brought. We recognize the true blame is carried by failed policing tactics and policies that have stifled Black lives for generations. We demand better.”