Rebuild’s workforce development program connects diverse Philadelphians to apprenticeships in the building trades. The program helps residents with or without prior construction experience gain access to well paying careers in the building trades.

Here are 5 reasons why Rebuild’s workforce development program could be the right path for you:

  1. Paid training: Recruits selected to Rebuild’s workforce program are paid for all classroom and on-the-job training.
  2. Union membership: Rebuild offers diverse Philadelphians a new pathway to an apprenticeship in a skilled trades union. Rebuild helps candidates overcome hurdles that may have kept them from union jobs through training, networking and covering initial costs.
  3.  A way to give back: Rebuild is the Mayor’s signature initiative to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to improve parks, recreation centers, and libraries across the city. Rebuild trainees work on projects that positively impact communities of color in neighborhoods across our city. 
  4. Mentorship opportunities: Navigating  a new career requires consideration and planning.  Rebuild’s program offers one-on-one coaching to provide the professional development recruits need to build their new careers on a strong foundation. 
  5. A sustainable career: Now more than ever, Philadelphians are seeking secure jobs that will allow them to plan for the future and provide for their families. A career with a skilled trades union will provide a lifetime of  opportunities for career growth.

Rebuild’s workforce program is an essential way to create a diverse talent pool in the skilled trades that will work on Rebuild projects in coming years.  

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and prior experience is not required. Apply anytime online.

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