If you’re planning to vote in person on Election Day, then let us help you get familiar with the City’s voting system.

New voting machines

Pennsylvania’s Department of State, along with Governor Wolf, required all counties to replace their former voting systems to require a paper ballot trail.

In 2019, Philadelphia unveiled its new voting system—the ExpressVoteXL—that allows voting to be more secure and accessible than ever before. The new voting system allows for a voter-verifiable paper ballot that can be checked by the voter and then reviewed by election officials. This creates a clear paper trail of votes, ensuring accuracy.

How do I use the new voting machine?

The ExpressVoteXL allows voters to mark their selections on a touch screen or with an assistive device, if needed. Voters can cast their votes safely, privately, and securely.

Here’s how to cast your vote using the new system:

  1. Get your paper ballot: go to your polling place, check-in, get your paper ballot from the poll worker.
  2. Start the voting session: insert the paper ballot into the paper path module with the notch (cut corner) in and to the right.
  3. Make selections: using the screen, touch the candidate of your choice or write in a desired candidate.
  4. Print your ballot: Touch PRINT and your selections will print out in the window to the right.
  5. Verify your vote: look at the window on the right to review your ballot and your selections.
  6. Cast your vote: Touch VOTE. Your ballot will then be scanned, tabulated, and stored in the secure ballot container.

The Office of the Philadelphia City Commissioners has also created a step-by-step video for voters to familiarize themselves with the voting machine.

Want to ensure you’re ready to vote on Election Day? Watch the video below: